The 2nd Plate No Bite Wasted - A cookbook for kindle by Raj Kamo

"The 2nd Plate No Bite Wasted " is a cookbook with a unique flavour that
builds a delicious plate with 106 recipes.
The theme of the book sets it apart as it talks about makeover of leftover food, tips for economizing in the kitchen, shortcuts in cooking for managing
work-life balance, curtailing wastage in the kitchen basis the author Raj Kamo's personal experiences of over fifty years in cooking.

The book covers the use of leftovers to create scrumptious second plates that are enjoyable in a family setting and quick to prepare. This book begins with information on buying essentials for the kitchen and has tips to economize time, effort, cost and energy. It has guidance for cleaning, washing, chopping, cooking and storing food. There are general tips and tips for hygiene. There are 77 recipes for use of leftover food along with 50 pictures and another 29 Bonus Recipes for the readers to enjoy. The overall theme of the book is to economize in every possible way starting wirecycling of leftover food and cooking in a manner so as to save time, money, effort and energy.

The book will help today's generation and others too in managing their work-life balance and conserving resources that are depleting day by day globally. The high inflation rates and recession demand that people learn to economize and this book will act as a guide in this perspective.

Readers will be able to learn to a) economize and curtail wastage, b) learn to cook in shortest possible time, c) learn 106 recipes, d) learn to use leftovers and recycle them, e) gain from the tips on managing their kitchen and f) learn to balance their work and life by saving cooking time.