Walls of Sakaret - Kindle ebook by Gerone Blomgren

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Walls of Sakaret is the beginning of a journey wherein success is anything but a given. The protagonist, Alsed, has grown up in a city that has been locked behind enchanted walls and fear for more than two thousand years. In that time, what was once known has become myth and citizens no longer wonder about the world that was left behind. However, the world outside did not forget about them. Alsed and his companions are thrust into circumstances they don’t understand and are ill prepared to handle.

It seems a fairly common method of story telling to confront a protagonist with facts, presenting them with a choice, and then hold on for the ride as they play out their chosen course of action. When I was dreaming up the world surrounding Sakaret, from creation to the time in which the tale is set, I could not reconcile the notion that Alsed and his friends could possibly gain the knowledge they needed to make good decisions before carrying those decisions out. Rather, Walls of Sakaret describes choices made by various characters when the path ahead of them is obscured. All they can hope for is to do the right thing with what they know at the moment while the world around them adjusts to their choices, some for good, though some most definitely work out to their detriment.