The making of nebraska brown by Louise Caiola  

So, you brush your teeth and go to bed one evening, every bit an American girl living an average Midwestern life, and you awaken eighteen months later in Italy, with no idea how you arrived there. All you know is that you know too much and too little, a perfectly fine mind now missing its memory. You know this new name you are being called doesn't exactly fit. And you can't be positive, but this young man you are now living with, the handsome one who says he adores you, well, he may be up to something not-so-adorable.

This is Ann Leigh's story... (Or is she really Ana?) Whoever she is and whatever transpired has left her determined to discover the truth, and make sense of the random scenes misfiring in her mind - a devastating house fire, a boy named Shane, an unwanted pregnancy, a family that very well might be hers. It will take all she has to fit the pieces of this crazy puzzle together. But when your heart is on the line, you will straddle two worlds to reclaim it. This is exactly what Ann Leigh is prepared to do.

"It was right then I decided that love wasn’t something that took years and years to cultivate. Love didn’t tiptoe around gingerly waiting for its moment to strike. It lambasted you. It snuck up and charged you like a Spanish bull or a surprise thunderstorm in June.  And you were bloodied and gored and soaked through to your skin and you positively adored every precious second of it."

Being referred to as Oz meets Tuscan Sun, The Making of Nebraska Brown is a powerful tale of home and identity. Amazon bestseller. Contemporary Mystery.

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