Cosmic Rift - Kindle ebook by JP Osterman


Space Coast (Melbourne) Florida  – August 4, 2014 - Lee Lunsford, NASA’s manager of the Manned Moon/Mars Mission (retired) calls Cosmic Rift brilliant and an amazing piece of Sci-Fi literature – “The most realistic book about space travel I have ever read.”

Author J. P. Osterman, futurist, space research scientist and sci-fi author primarily focused on space exploration and colonization delivers a potent and unforgettable mix of science, moving characters and intrigue with “Cosmic Rift”.  It has been said that every successful Sci-Fi novel ever written, whether by, George Lucas, Asimov, Bradbury, Heinlein, Clarke, Verne, or H.G. Wells – the best – have not one but three things in common:  Ideas – Characters – Good Writing.

The highly original and exceptionally well written - Cosmic Rift by JP Osterman is one of those unique stories that have all three.  An extremely Creative and Realistic SciFi book from an award winning author, indeed the only Sci-Fi author to ever win the prestigious Rupert Hughes Award.  It stretches across new thinking in technology – from “The singularity” – to – Nanobots – to – Space Time – to a look at our humanity.

Join several space community luminaries who are already reading Cosmic Rift, from major Aerospace Chief Executives, to NASA dignitaries, to Astrophysicist’s, to Educational Space Program TV moderators, to former Astronauts, and see why there is such a buzz about this book.

Cosmic Rift is an action-packed science fiction story with three main characters, a man, a woman  and one ultra-intelligent A.I. computer – what many today call the "technological singularity", who travel to the edge of the universe looking for potential new worlds to colonize but what they find appears to be an insurmountable threat to our entire universe!

Commander Steve Strunk was raised on Mars.  He helped build Smart domes and trained astronauts.  With the aid of artificial intelligence, he believes he’s invincible.  His co-commander, the beautiful Elizabeth Beals, is a genius who signed up for space exploration to put her past behind her.  ISS Mars Headquarters labeled them the ideal team.  Nothing is ideal forever…

It’s 2376, and Steve and Elizabeth have been voyaging through space when their ship Amelia awakens them.  “Where are we?  The date and time has stopped tracking!  Why?”  Their infallible space craft suddenly fails!  The perfect team suddenly falters!  Nothing—no amount of training or simulated instruction  could have prepared them for this breach in their mission, and their neural interface to the ships A.I. computer ceases.  Can they trust their own senses at this critical time when they need them the most?

Vulnerable on an ancient planet and navigating blind at the far reaches of the known universe, their relationship is speeding on a passionate trajectory as Steve and Elizabeth race with a rapidly closing window of time to fix a dooms-day force that will destroy the entire universe the…Cosmic Rift!

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