Weeping angels - kindle ebook by Cristy Rey


A story of grief carried and grief ignored, Weeping Angels is an intensely emotional romance about two people who find comfort in one another in order to overcome loss. Frankie is a famed avant-garde cellist who walked out on her alcoholic sister, Iris, years earlier. Topher is a recovering vet, years removed from war, who has found it difficult to reconnect with the boy he used to be. When Frankie's sister and Topher's childhood friend, Iris, dies, the two reconnect for one weekend. What they find in one another is unfettered understanding and burning passion.

Together, Frankie and Topher must learn how to confront their losses and move on. Weeping Angels is a story of grief carried and grief ignored. It’s about learning to love and moving on. Mourning someone once is hard enough, but mourning someone twice is unimaginably harder.

Read the book that Saints and Sinners Books reviewed "Never before has a novel affected me as Weeping Angels. I feel as if I was suffering along with Frankie and Topher experiencing every single emotion that came along with their story. I can truly say that Weeping Angels will forever stick with me as one of the most emotional yet beautiful tales of loss and love I've ever read."