A Peculiar Arrangement of Atoms: Stories by Daulton Dickey


A couple discovers a new element, one that affects their relationship. A woman is locked in a ward, trying to come to terms with her past. The sky threatens rain as a woman, a former junkie, encounters a possible solution to her problems. Two men, broke, just want to get drunk—and they’ll do anything for booze. A man encounters a woman who might know the key to life and the universe.

In sixteen short stories, you’ll experience the panoply of human experience: from tragedy to farce to gonzo-rebellion, everything it means to be human. And you’ll encounter a never-ending story, one that goes on and on and on.

Funny and sad, absurd and surreal and tragic, A Peculiar Arrangement of Atoms is a collection of short stories about life and the universe—and it’s about people struggling to cope with the frailties and the euphoria of the human experience.