A Witness Above - kindle ebook by Andy Straka


Over 120 Five Star reviews!

A sampling:

“About as good as they get, this book has plenty of action. Detective series aficionados will love the twists and turns.”

“Best detective story I’ve read lately...It comes complete with cops gone bad (maybe?), bad guys, wrong accused innocents (really?), murder most foul, and a cast of characters worth getting to know. The solution to the puzzle is a real surprise.”

“This is a very different kind of mystery [that] will entrain and educate you at the same time. Falconry is the parallel subplot but doesn’t get in the way of a brilliant writer’s plot and character development. Like the soaring falcon…protagonist Frank rises and falls with manic regularity, Empathetic, sarcastic, strong resolve, and saddening frailty will carry you along.”

NOTE: A Witness Above is the first of six books in the Frank Pavlicek private eye series. They may be read in any order. Although, in order to better understand the characters, some readers may prefer to read them in order.