Always - A Sequel to Second Chances - kindle ebook by Rachael R. Vaughn

Always picks up several months from where Second Chances left off, with
the ramifications of the secrets that were revealed in Second Chances
intermingled with the mystery of the small town's first shocking murder.
Like the first book, this book has also been described as very
suspenseful, mixed with action and romance, and as having twists and turns
the reader does not expect.

Because a black teen from a poor neighborhood is accused of murdering a
white teen from an upscale neighborhood, racial issues and socioeconomic
prejudices heighten the legal drama in the once peaceful town of Mason,
Arkansas.  These issues also end up pitting family members against one
another and driving a wedge between Trey Ross and his girlfriend, Sarah
Williams, who happen to be an interracial couple.

Always contains minor characters with big personalities, such as Judge Joe
Hughes, Officer Stephen Ware, and the police detective, who help round out
the plot and provide a glimpse into some of the attitudes of people who
often work in the justice systems of small towns.