I am Cancer Free by Brenda Mohammed


My story may be similar to many others.
I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer nine years ago.
So what's new?
What is so different about my story?
The fact that I am alive today, and I am Cancer Free after nine years says a lot.
Doesn't it?
I am alive today… thanks to my faith in God, the loving support of my husband, my siblings, relatives, and friends. I definitely cannot forget the skilled hands of renowned surgeons abroad and last but not least insurance.
If it were not for Insurance how would I have paid those exorbitant bills abroad?
This is how it all happened.
I was going about my business normally early in the year 2005 when I fell slightly ill.
I thought it was nothing to panic about, but I visited the doctor anyway.
She seemed concerned. I was not.
She sent me for numerous tests which all proved to be inconclusive.
She insisted that I do a hysterectomy.
I felt it was all a waste of time.
The rest is history.
I live in Trinidad in the Caribbean and had to go abroad for treatment
I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and it was a very complicated situation.

Every hair on my body fell off except those on my eyebrows.
I know that some of you may be trying to picture that right now.

I thought that I looked horrible but my children, sisters and husband soon changed my mind.
I bought five wigs in different styles and colours.
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