Build Wealth - Kindle ebook by Stanley Riggs

Available now and free Oct. 11, 12, 13 and 14 at the Kindle store: Build Wealth and Spend It All.

Dr. Riggs has been building wealth for over 50 years through several very different and very successful careers. In this book he explains the three basic and easy-to-understand financial concepts anyone can use to help build wealth starting at any age.

(1)  Understand the difference between true assets and actual liabilities.
(2)  Always know where you are in the economic cycle.
(3)  Understand the implications of the coming demographic changes.

But it was during this past year, while he was visiting his 96–year-old mother in a nursing home, that he gained insight into what awaits most of our retirement savings.

The money his mother had earned as a teacher and had frugally saved for over 50 years was rapidly being drained away as she dozed off in her chair. They were taking it simply because she still had it. He had helped his mother to save and invest when he should have encouraged her to spend. He had failed his own mother by not encouraging her to spend all she had earned and saved, while she was still able to enjoy it.

Learn about the plan to enjoy strategically spending or gifting it all away over a predetermined period of time, before the private IRA, 401(k) and Roth retirement accounts are nationalized and redistributed.

Your grave stone will have two dates separated by a hyphen. You have no control over the dates but you do have control over the hyphen … that’s your life.
Let this book show you how to make that one great hyphen!