Sonnets' Whimsical Realities - Kindle ebook by Jeanette Sobey

Sonnets’ Whimsical Realities, the third book in the Isadoralola Trilogy, contains poems to be read aloud to your private audience or extend to the larger masses of your public. You will discover musical beats and emotional and passionate points of view, which may match your own. When you read the sonnets make the words your own. Let it be your voice! I believe poetry is meant to be read aloud rather than lie dormant upon the page.

These sonnets conform to classic structures of rhyme and beat, but are bursting with contemporary issues filtered through psychological and philosophical paradigms.  There is dancing, there is some politics, but most of all it’s the crazy dance of love that is expressed within these sonnets.  From the longing lusting preliminaries, to the passionate enactment, followed by the inevitable disarrays and disruptions to life.

Poems unlike longer stories, can be picked up and read when you have a few moments to spare and the entire story is available to you. There are always layers of meaning for you to interpret in poems and each time you read one you may discover a different aspect from the previous reading.