Deadwater Lane - kindle ebook by Stephen Barker

If you've been looking for the ideal book for boys from around 13 to 16 years of age, then you've just found it in 'Deadwater Lane'.
I'm not saying that girls, or indeed anyone wouldn't enjoy this exciting story, but with cars, gangs and fast-paced adventure, guys everywhere have loved this book.
Christo is struggling with memory loss after a car accident. He was found guilty of running an old man down, though something's not right and fleeting memories of what really happened are coming back to him. With the aid of his friends, both new and old, and the inspiration of The Count of Monte Cristo - yes, you read it right - the mystery begins to unravel. This is a story of revenge, but also of just doing the right thing. A gasoline fuelled tale with heart. Hope you enjoy it...