The Devil's Lieutenant - a Horror Novel by Suzi Albracht

The Devil’s Lieutenant is the story of a young cop, Jake Holyfield, investigating the exceptionally gruesome murder of a hotshot attorney. Unfortunately, his investigation gets the attention of the dark underworld. At the same time, he is slipped information that the killer is an enforcer contracted by the Devil to collect past due debts.  But Detective Holyfield is old school and he refuses to buy into the Devil theory until his informant’s entire family is murdered in retaliation for assisting in the detective’s investigation.

As Jake has no choice except to face the truth that the Devil does exist, the number of murders begins to mount. Will he find a way to track down and contain a killer who answers to the most evil entity in history?
Jake’s world turns upside down when he uncovers a video of yet another murder, this time the victim is a D.C. bigwig. As he watches, the blurred image of his best friend, Max Wilson, appears on screen. On the video, Max is observing the murder but it is unclear just what his involvement might be. Jake is now determined to stop the killer and save Max from the same fate.

Matters take an even darker turn when the Devil’s enforcer takes an interest in Jake’s family – his pregnant wife and two year old daughter.
Just when he wonders if he’ll be able to protect his family and Max, he finds a surprising ally in Mikael Ruskoff.  Together, they wage a war against the Devil and his enforcer.