MANGROVES AND MONSTERS by Sharon cup Pennington
Charlie Cooper never bought into the hype surrounding supermodel Angeline St. Cyr's sudden death in New Orleans. Fate wouldn't be so cruel as to bring a woman like Angeline into his life, allow him to fall hopelessly in love, only to rip her away in some freak accident. His gut says so - and growing up in the perilous Louisiana swamps,
Cooper learned that listening to his gut kept him one step ahead of his bastard of a grandfather. Finally, a tenuous lead draws him to the Caribbean island of Jacqueme Dominique. Only he isn't alone in his quest. By chasing his dream of rekindled love, Cooper becomes embroiled in murder, treachery and abduction at the hands of an old nemesis - a merciless killer. For five long years his love survived while he searched for Angeline. Will finding her cost Cooper his life?