Sin Walks Into The Desert - kindle ebook by Matt Ingwalson

"Sin Walks Into The Desert is a taut, suspenseful tale without a wasted word or scene. IndieReader Approved. Five Stars." -

Where's the line between psycho and hero? Twelve-year-old Anderson Kenfax was spending his afternoons prowling the Wyoming prairie, longing after his big sister, and plotting a school bus massacre. Then his distraught parents called in Anderson's uncle, el Viejo. The old man dropped Anderson in the middle of the Arizona desert and taught him to move, think and kill like a predator. Slowly, Anderson became Sin.

Ten years later, Sin gets a call from one of el Viejo's shadowy government contacts. The old man's disappeared in the wastelands. So Sin straps on his guns, grabs his go-bag, and hikes out to find him.

Sin Walks Into The Desert is violent desert noir. But it's also a haunting story about lonely people wandering through barren spaces, searching for understanding and grasping for their own humanity.