The Watchtower Chronicles: Rise of the Guardians by Francesca Moore

This ebook will be free to download from Amazon for three days only - 25th to the 27th September. Download your free copy while you can.

Rise of the Guardians is the first book in The Watchtower Chronicles trilogy. It’s a fast-paced young adult, fantasy adventure and most bookworms can storm through it in a day or so. Although it is marketed for young adults it is the type of ‘aeroplane read’ that can easily have people of all ages hooked in no time.

This book is about four ordinary people who discover that they have extra-ordinary abilities. Each with power over one of the four elements, the Guardians must use their abilities to protect the world from an ancient evil which has re-emerged.

Rise of the Guardians was written while I was at university in Birmingham and so that is where the book begins. Also, several of the characters were based on people that I have met in recent years as their personalities were just too interesting not to be written about. After all, it’s better to write what you know as it makes the read that bit more realistic.

This story is full of Wiccan magic, mythical creatures and mystery. And for those of you who cannot get enough, book 2 ‘Dawn of the Dragon’ will also be available shortly. At the moment it is busy making its transition from brain to page.