Accidental Exiles - kindle ebook by Scott Wingate

Accidental Exiles is a novel about love and escape and war and reinvention.

Jesse McCallister, a young American and Iraq War vet, finds his way to Europe where he seeks a new direction and to heal his psychic wounds. He meets the beautiful Sonya Alterelli, an Italian waitress in a cafe on the Swiss border with Italy, with whom he falls deeply in love.

On the shores of Lago Maggiore, Sonya and Jesse fall in with a coterie of American expats, who lead the handsome, rootless young couple into a carefree but perplexingly discomfiting festival of good times in the local villas and cafes. The expats are led by a mysterious, generous young tycoon named Michael Barnes.

Accidental Exiles is a serialized novel, with the first 130 pages scheduled for publication on Kindle in November 2014, and the book published in paperback in 2015.