The Halloween Attraction - Hidden Angels - kindle ebook by Cristina Imre

In less than one month from release (28.09.2014-14.10.2014) the first part of Jennifer reached over 300 readers, gaining popularity and very good reviews. Many eyebrows were raised as reaction to this story, unanswered mystery and data left imagination racing. But, it's just the beginning!

This is a story of dark mystery, suspense, murder, occult, sparkled with romance.

Starting with intriguing but mild scenes, the plot develops - in just a couple of chapters - into a highly sophisticated mystery tale about power, influence and knowledge, with deep explorations inside religion, myth, the occult and bloodthirsty cults. All for one cause…

Everything about the Fallen Angels gives you shivers down your spine. They are a secret group with more power that you can imagine.

The book meets your “clever and catchy” expectations. It has a great plot with well-developed characters, a lot of excitement and suspense about what’s around the corner. You can empathize with one or more characters from the books, since the palette is wide. The skeletons from the closet encompass our own personal fears. Cristina connects the dots carefully, revealing her story in a uniquely tailored setting. At the end, she leaves some mysteries for the readers to solve, letting their imagination grow, without compromising the integrity intended for each individual book.

“I’ve constantly imagined a box office movie, while shaping and drawing my characters and the storyline. I felt for Jennifer by seeing the world through her eyes. I wondered about what will happen next from the “watcher’s” (reader’s) point of view. That is how I created this series. I intend to create a complex experience for my readers, including the needs of highly intellectual ones, by covering all the question marks which set the difference between a superficial plot to a well developed one, ” states the author about her first fiction novel from the “Jennifer” series.

Enjoy the thrill! 

Earliest release date for the second book: November 23

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