Bloodlust Funfair - kindle ebook by Andrei Elvedi

Bloodlust Funfair is my first ever published story and was written out of the desire to restore vampires the image they had back in my childhood. It presents the story of Stephen and Sophie who decide to go to an inn for a weekend, to relax. Sadly, things do not turn out the way they wanted.

I did my best to generate a palette of emotions with the help of my beloved characters. It contains suspense, violence and mystery. It also has a shocking ending which I undoubtedly believe that you will enjoy.

This book will always keep you on the edge and you will not want to let it go, until you reach the ending. If you enjoy a great horror story, then you will love this one. If you, also, miss the vampires of the old days (the ones that struck terror and fear in you) then you will love my book even more. My vampires will not bore you because they will not have time for that. They're too busy slaughtering, feeding and deceiving their victims.

So sit back, relax and prepare yourself to be scared by the story and shocked by the ending as you read Bloodlust Funfair.