Descent into Mayhem - Science fiction kindle ebook by Bruno Goncalves

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Join an armored adventure in the depths of space!

Peace. It is a dreary thing for Toni Miura, its stifling serenity being at odds with his teenaged soul. Decided to break away from his family and break out into the wider world, he embarks on a journey to the Capicuan Defense Force´s MEWAC Base, where rumor has it that a revolutionary new weapon platform is available to all who prove worthy to drive it.

As Toni begins his training with hopes at such a prize, an uninvited guest arrives from the depths of space. Its origin: Earth, a planet which had ceased to show signs of life ages ago. The EFF paramilitary force is focused on its own prize: annexing Capicua to Mankind´s first interstellar empire, whatever the local peoples´ beliefs or feeling on the matter.

Peace is brutally shattered and, finding himself in the midst of more than he bargained for, cut off from his command in the boondocks of a turbulent world, and weighed down by an odd Bavarian prisoner-of-war and fellow soldiers of diverse motivations, Toni must outmaneuver his pursuing enemy and, if all else fails, meet it head-on.