A Question of Boundaries - science fiction and fantasy by Sandy Bruney


 Who knew that by isolating the United States from the rest of the world, its citizens would be unable to purchase red dye or vanilla beans? Or that the enforced isolation would result in people developing their paranormal powers?

Visit a United States ruled by a liberal monarch and a Parliament, and whose citizens are content to be self-sufficient even if they lack certain items only recalled by its oldest inhabitants. When a new invention threatens to remove both real and imaginary borders, there are some who fear that once the borders are opened, it will result in a return of the deadly plague that caused them to be shut in the first place. When her father, the famed inventor Gideon Featherstone, vanishes, Caroline sets out to find him with the help of her local MP, Nathan Llewellen.

Caroline and Nathan are about to discover how far some people will go to keep the borders closed. Can Nathan protect a headstrong Caroline without betraying his closest friends? And will she be able to accept that some people are just... different?

The two learn to rely on each other as they try to find Dr. Featherstone in time to avert a national panic. The problem is... is he in this reality or another? Because Caroline has learned that her world is only one of many possibilities.