Dream Shadow - kindle ebook by Delena Epstein


Imagine a twenty-eight year woman, who after a year of constant nightmares that foretell of her death, cause her to lock herself away in her home in order to save the little sanity she has left. Not only is she agoraphobic, but also becomes Obsessive Compulsive, and so afraid of death that she needs a germ free environment with everything in its proper space.

Despite seeing a psychiatrist, Alyssa Daniels lives a life of seclusion. Once a renowned chef and restaurant owner, she is forced to hire someone to run her business for her. She has lost the love of her life and her tiny circle of friends are the only think that gives her hope for a better life.

To complicate her life even further, someone is now stalking her both in her nightmares and her waking life. It starts with threatening e-mails and escalates to a skeletal hand being delivered to her condo.

Alyssa is on the brink of insanity and she needs answers before her dreams become her reality.