Immortal Heat, A Guardians of Dacia Novel - a paranormal romance kindle ebook by Loni Lynne

Dacia was a land of mysterious people. Their god, Zalmoxis considered his warriors to be immortal. For centuries the land went unconquered due to its mystical enchantment. Their warring neighbors refused to cross the Danube and the great Carpathian Mountains surrounding their home. When the Dacians went into battle they fought in packs, like the wolves in their fields, and took with them great flags and banners shaped like evil balours or what we refer to as dragons. The winds that whispered through them gave the dragons their eerie, formidable sound, frightening their foe. Until the Romans conquered and called it Romania.

Immortal Heat is based on this ‘immortal’ clan of ancient Romanian people. Cursed by the gods for destroying a legendary shape-shifter known as a Zmeu, they were to live among the creatures of the night. Only one Zmeu survived and the gods believe it is time to reintroduce the modern world to the ancient Dacians of old and the Zmeu will lead the way.

Released October 6, 2014:
Immortal Heat (Book #1 in The Guardians of Dacia series)

Coming Soon Early Winter 2015:
Immortal Angel (Book #2 in The Guardians of Dacia series)

Coming soon from Crescent Moon Press:
Distilled Spirits  (Book #2 in The Crossroads of Kings Mill series)

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