Escaping the Sun - kindle ebook by Rhett Goreman

Rhett Goreman's life-story builds up to nothing less than an explosive action packed adventure, but it also has a purpose. It contains predictions about the future, many of which are already becoming true. It's main prediction is the destruction of all life on Earth. However, this will be no natural disaster. You are invited to discover who the real bad guys are, so you can prevent the apocalypse and hopefully improve the ultimate fate of all humankind. The action takes place on Earth, the Moon, and a huge starship, over a vast timespan. On Earth shining cities, greenhouses and oceans, give way to broiling rain-lashed tundra. The Moon has become our lifeboat, and the starship has a secret and very dark mission. Follow Rhett and a group of his companions as they find themselves projected into that harsh future, where only those in power can survive. They will make new friends and enemies along the way, and staying alive becomes a constant battle. Everything there seems to want to reach out and touch you, even eat you alive. Rhett never intended to be a hero, but he has the only plan worth following: a plan that constantly puts everyone around him in jeopardy.