Inevitable by Jonathan Nace

As the world population grows, access to water for food, medicine and power dwindles.  Accept that your country does not have unlimited water to use.  Mortality is all anyone is owed.  Accept that there is only one fate.

After a series of crises has led to enormous decisions, acceptance has become the norm.  But not for Benjamin Zachary.  As a young man growing into his adulthood, Ben is faced with accepting his own limits when he soon discovers that he is an immediate target of the Office of Population Management.  Instead of receiving his expected Date of Death, Ben finds that he is to be prosecuted by special Panel with no access to information or counsel.

Up against a system, tuned and powerful, Ben relies only on his friends, hoping to escape certain death for a short time longer.  His friend Patricia soon discovers that Ben has principles that will limit his own defense that she works to prepare.  Inevitable decisions will be made.