Ettie Explores Earth - kindle ebook by Lynn Holland

Ettie Explores Earth is a children’s picture-story book, the first in the Ettie the Explorer Adventure Story series, so look for more Ettie books in the future.

Can you help Ettie, a space explorer who comes from a faraway planet called Green Cheeze? Ride along with Ettie and explore our solar system, moon, and, of course, many places on Earth. When visiting Earth for the first time, Ettie has lots of questions about our home, especially about the many animals that live in our cities, farms, forests, and jungles. With your help, Ettie learns about Earth and teaches us a thing or two about Green Cheeze!

Did you know that on Green Cheeze, an animal similar to a dog is called a “Daa-r’uu Wee-z’oo;” and that on Green Cheeze there exists a bear-like creature the locals call a “Nuu-t’aa Laa-l’uu.” This animal likes to eat “Roo-w’oo Quu-b’aa,” which are what we call berries on Earth.

Lynn Holland, the book’s author and designer, honors explorers and learners of all ages in this special book, which is both fun and educational. Ms. Holland plans more Ettie the Explorer adventure stories because there is still much to explore and learn about Earth.