Mission: Lights of Langrenus - kindle ebook by V. A. Jeffrey


Something stinks in Langrenus. Or technically, north of the city.

Excerpt: “This way!” I said and I took hold of Justin's arm and bounded several times upward until I reached the cave opening. I extended my legs outward until my feet touched the opening and then I used the force of my body to fly through before we landed on the ground just outside. Liatel ran down the path and jumped out of the cave with the grace of a cheetah, just in time for us to hear laser blasts raining down from above inside. Finally out of the cave, I lead them to the moon buggy. As I hopped in I looked back to see the Glia woman raise the lasgun at me and power it up. Will's little alarm went off like a shrieking siren and all this while we were still being hunted. I ducked down just in time to avoid the blast of laser fire. I aimed with my vambraser and let loose a stream of laser fire but my aim was off and she was quick. She leaped out of the vehicle and away from the line of fire, ducked beneath it and then rose up, reaching over quick like a snake and grabbed my arm, nearly tearing me from the seat. I had no idea how strong alien females were but at this rate she would rip my space suit right off me if I didn't so something fast!