The White Lie - kindle ebook by Philip Shirley

Charles McNair said, “The White Lie can stand by Grisham on any bookshelf.”

This suspenseful thriller is full of surprises and nervous laughter. The story pulls you right into the car when advertising executive Peter Brantley is carjacked at gunpoint when a drug bust goes bad at a Jackson, Mississippi, bus station near where he is stopped at a traffic light. After the carjacker instructs Peter to drive to a deserted, rural area, Peter knows he will be murdered as a witness. The plan he comes up with to save himself—and get even with the type of criminals responsible for this brother Christopher’s death by drug overdose—leads him and his spunky wife, Mary Beth, deeper and deeper into dangers they have never before imagined as they are pitted against a ruthless drug kingpin and a drug task-force leader, both quickly closing in. The author Philip Shirley was called a “master storyteller” when his first book of fiction appeared, one called by novelist Mark Childress as “…a memorable debut in the world of fiction.” With this latest novel, Shirley delivers  and arresting and unforgettable tale that award winning author Dayne Sherman called “a story worthy of the late Elmore Leonard.”  Climb aboard this Kindle book for what First Draft magazine called “…a wild Southern ride of exciting twists and turns…”