Outcasts of the Worlds by Lucas Aubrey Paynter


"We're no heroes. Not a one of us."

The path to redemption is neither clean nor inviting nor clear. It is besieged by many trials, not the least of which is the question of whether the redeemer truly wants to be redeemed, or if what they seek is merely an ephemeral curiosity.

Flynn was a confidence man- an expert liar, and now a self-confessed monster. Beastly to look upon, he made his bargains on the weight of his guile and charm, though it was not enough to prevent his imprisonment in Civilis, where humanity's less natural elements are interred in the horrifying world of a ruined Earth.

Content to pay for his crimes, he is by chance entangled with Jean, a brute whose unique abilities allows her to escape. Aiding her, and rescuing her friend Mack in the process, they flee from Civilis and begin on a path that will take them beyond the wastelands of Earth, to worlds wholly unknown.

Sechal. TseTsu. Oma. Terrias. Flynn, Jean and Mack and others with them will travel worlds beyond their imagining, learning truths of the cosmos they inhabit and, through Flynn, finding themselves all part of something impossible and grand.

The journey ahead is dangerous and long, but for Flynn, even it may not truly right a lifetime of terrible wrongs.