Scotch Rising - kindle ebook by SJ Garland

Historical Adventure following the trials of English soldier Captain Clyde-Dalton in the highlands of Scotland in 1707

Devastated by the death of his wife, Captain Esmond Clyde-Dalton returns to London from fighting the French in Boston to sell his commission and drink himself into oblivion.

His plans are quickly dashed. Esmond’s formidable superior orders him to the highlands of Scotland. Where he will collect the excise on Scotch for the newly created United Kingdom.

The village of Markinch is not all it appears and Esmond soon finds himself embroiled in a search to find a murderer.

As he tried to piece his life back together, Esmond begins to dream of a life beyond being a soldier and an agent of the crown. His new highland friends and enemies show him the possibilities open to the citizens of the newly united England and Scotland.

Philomena Clunes gives Esmond a chance to heal the wounds the death of his wife left, and at the same time want something more from a partner.

Esmond is determined to see justice done in the small village whether it costs him his life and his loyalty.

As events begin to take on a life of their own, Esmond struggles to keep the village safe from the English militia as well as themselves. Will he be able to save their way of life? Or will they be the undoing of themselves, mired in treason and blood?