- kindle ebook by Todd A

Born from bad jobs, is a look at how we can do better work (and live better lives) by focusing on simplicity and openness. Complex and closed systems are doing real damage to our work and our lives by making us feel like everything is a crisis. Effective managers are few and far between. Doing good work is becoming an ever more distant ideal.

Divided into two main sections, a Manifesto and a Mission, describes the values and methods for doing good work before charging its readers to make things better. The book's chapters are short essays that can be read in a single sitting. Each offers brief insight on our work and is perfect for the 15 minutes at the beginning of the day before all hell breaks loose. comes out of jobs in the web industry but its lessons can be applied to any job where we're held back from doing good work by the flawed systems around us. Sample chapters from the book appear at