The Women in His Life: What Jesus Saw in Them - Kindle ebook by Patricia Daly

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This unique book gives the reader a peek into the mindof Jesus through the creative expression of the author as she imagines hisrelationships with the women of the New Testament. It is a collection offorty-three stories about women in the four Gospels narrated through the voiceof Jesus as the author imagines he would have spoken to express his thoughtsand feelings about the women he interacted with or heard about during his life.The author has given a name to some of the women whootherwise are nameless in the gospels. She has used modern vernacular to enablethe reader to imagine how Jesus might have told these stories today.

Against thehistorical, cultural, and religious backdrop of the restricted public role of womenin the first century, Jesus comes through as a man who honored, appreciated,and respected the true importance of women. He enjoyed their company andcelebrated with them. He was gentle, playful, and challenging. He honored theirindividuality and disregarded the societal conventions of his day.

This thought-provokingbook can be read in a book club or a women’s spiritual group. It can be usedfor personal meditation or as a Bible study aide for those who enjoy women’sNew Testament studies.

Bonus! A link toa FREE “Meditation and Discussion Guide” is included to enhance your personalor group experience.