What Most Business Owners Don't Know...And Will Never Know...About Internet Marketing by John North


“For any business to succeed in the current era using internet marketing isn’t an option any longer, it’s an absolute must!”

It’s amazing even today that many business owners don’t understand the importance of internet marketing. Or worse still engaging in random acts of marketing! I wrote this book to help business owners get a grounding on the big world of internet marketing without confusing terms.

Internet marketing has now become a necessity as part of your marketing strategies. Without Internet Marketing it’s highly unlikely your company can increase sales or revenues.

Fact: more than 50% of buyers wanting recently released and/or high value products first turn to social media to conduct their preliminary research.
On the basis of “fish where the fish are biting”, doesn’t it make sense to have an online presence where people can give you a “lookover”?

The purpose of this Book is to educate and encourage business owners and managers on the main aspects of internet marketing so that you can learn, and apply, the key principles along with your traditional marketing techniques to literally leapfrog your competitors whilst generating substantially more sales, profits and cash.


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