A Husband for Danna - kindle ebook by Christina Lorenzen


Sure, you've probably read dozens of runaway bride stories. But how many runaway grooms have you met? Danna almost makes it to the altar but in her heart she knows the groom her father has chosen for her isn't right for her. She bolts from the church and runs without thinking. With no plan and nowhere to go, and realizing all eyes will be on her, she jumps into a limousine at the curb. Not even sure what she was planning to do, a deep voice jolts her and her foot slams the gas pedal. She's off and running but the last thing she wants is to take a long a hostage - and a runaway groom of all people.
Almost bride and almost groom are eager  to be rid of one another but one thing after another seems to keep them tied together. Until finally, they both realize they just may be each other's perfect match.

If you love romance in the heartwarming style of author Debbie Macomber, you will love Danna and Eric's story. Who would have thought that a runaway bride would straight into her perfect Mr. Right at the most possibly wrong time?