Cats Are Lucky! - kindle ebook by Julia Todd Stone

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Great book for lovers of funny cat pictures!

Want to share funny pictures of cats with your kids?  Get Cats Are Lucky! by Julia Todd Stone.  Each page of this book is a full-page color illustration by the hilarious artist Nayan Soni; this is a picture book rather than a text book--so it's great for children!

In Cats Are Lucky! a beautiful Collie dog named Sansabar dreams of being a cat so she could do the funny things cats do.  She finds herself jealous of a cat's life and thinks about the humorous things she's seen cats do.  "Cats are lucky!" she thinks as the book begins.

But in the end she realizes that being a much-loved Dog is more important.  How many of us have once dreamed of being something we are not only to realize that we're happiest being the person we were meant to be.  Julia Stone based Sansabar on her beloved childhood pet Lassie, a border collie.

Hopefully this book will encourage children of all ages to go for their dreams and not worry about what others may think.