The Onyx Seed - An Apocalyptic Story by Clifford Beck

The world is no longer as it was. After a well orchestrated bioterrorist attack leaves civilization in ruins and humanity at the edge of extinction, Marty and Lucas are now on their own. And their escape is not without risk as every step along the way holds the potential for catastrophe. Travel by night is difficult, as the specters of the abundant dead seem to peak out from every window and doorway.

Los Angeles, like all other major cities, has been quarantined. But, at some point, even the government abandons its effort to help those left behind. And with so many dead lying about, the goal for Marty and Lucas becomes twofold. To escape without being seen by other survivors and to avoid becoming infected. But, on their way to what Marty believes to be a better place, they meet Julie. She is a beautiful, spitfire brunette living in Corpus Christi. The trio quickly becomes a well working group, with a single common goal.

But, tragedy is determined to leave its mark as catastrophe catches up to them. Threatening not only their survival, but the bond they share with each other. And moving from place to place, the tension between Marty and Julie grows into a fiery relationship, driven by both sexual attraction and a mutual need to survive. At some point, they find themselves alone, exclusively dependent on each other. But tragedy is still at their heels, destroying everything they care about.