Duplicity's Child - kindle ebook by FJ Harmon


Engrossing Character-Powered Suspense
A riveting, engrossing, and engaging mystery with much that is new and unexpected.  A fast paced plot wrapped in extensive character studies. No 2-dimensional characters need apply here: these folks are fully fleshed out, and some of them quite unusual. Witness protagonist and eponymous series lead Mace Franklyn, on the surface failed FBI profiler, failed husband, struggling to establish a new business. But under the surface is a man who is emotionally and physiologically vulnerable, battered from within and without, frequently tripped up by his own failing physiology. Witness also antagonist Roger Mandell, Narcissistic, totally self-centered, head of the Michigan Bureau of Investigation, a man who would rather an alleged serial killer continue to operate with impunity, while he harvests political capital from the situation. As the stakes in the case escalate, Mace cannot reconcile odd inconsistencies in the data and finds his work increasingly marginalized. The reader observes the events unfolding through the murky minds of the serial killer, and his handler, and leaves the reader to determine which of the two is the most evil.