The Errant Petty Officer - kindle ebook by Mike Rothery

A fast moving thriller set in East Africa - a story of disaster, fall and redemption.

When the British destroyer Preston puts into Mombasa following three months at sea her company are all fired up to explore the local delights. But for Petty Officer Patrick Redman the visit turns sour when a SCUBA expedition goes badly wrong: his diving instructor is killed and Patrick is badly hurt after being dashed on a reef.

Weeks later, fully recovered and back on his ship patrolling in the Persian Gulf, he learns that his friends in Kenya have been arrested. While anxiously awaiting further news a stupid lapse of judgement gets him sent to UK to face Court Martial, putting an ignominious end to his naval career.

Wallowing in booze and self-pity he learns that the woman he loved back in Africa and the friend to whom he owes his life have been convicted and may face the death penalty, and that Patrick himself is the subject of an extradition request from Kenya to answer for his part in their alleged crime.

So with nothing left to lose but his life he conjures up a daring plan; but with no money and his passport confiscated he needs all his ingenuity and the help of friends to get him there. Arriving illegally in Mombasa his inquiries get him a violent and painful introduction to the terrorist underworld and starts off a carousel of abduction, murder and deadly pursuit on the African Savannah. He soon discovers that his ordered naval life has done nothing to prepare him for the deadly perils he faces.