Hollow - kindle ebook by Christopher Alan Ott


When I sat down to write Hollow I had several objectives in mind: The book had to be terrifying, capable of giving the reader that pleasurable rush of adrenaline with the simple turn of the page, but it had to be more than just scary, it needed to have an  unpredictable plot, one that would keep the reader guessing chapter after chapter. Most importantly, it had to have a unique premise, a twist at the end that had never been done before in either film or literature.

The main character had to drive the emotion of the reader. He needed an innocence about him; he needed to invoke empathy and yet he had to be emotionally resilient enough to overcome extreme adversity. Jonas Kirchner was penned with this simple premise in mind.

And the supporting characters had to be well-defined too. After all, an extraordinary paranormal event is about to shake the entire town of Black Rock and the repercussions will have a seismic impact on more than just Jonas alone. How will it affect, his friends, his family?  Who will play a role in the final outcome? Who will shrink in the face of fear and who will rise to the challenge? And which characters had a pivotal hand in creating and shaping such a horrific occurrence? What is their story, and how will they play a part in bringing the novel full-circle?

The end result is a novel that I believe will leave the reader wanting more. Don't let the .99c price-tag fool you; you will receive a full-length, fantastic paranormal adventure for that modest investment. The price was set to build my readership and author recognition.

Lastly, I want to thank you, the reader for your time and interest in my work. Without you I would be writing into an abyss.