Under Lock and Key: The Experiment - Kindle ebook by Robin Geesman


The most Riveting, Fantastically Shocking Psychological Thriller with a Twist!

Under Lock and Key: The Experiment is a compelling Psychological Thriller that begins with a shocking attempted family massacre inexplicably committed by William Parks, a distinguished scientist and previously loving husband and father who suddenly goes insane.

The survivors of his heinous crimes are rescued, hospitalized, stabilized, and eventually thrust into the world of medical and biotechnology experimentation at the hands of the Federal Government for the purposes of classified research. But as more patients are added to the experimental pool, complications threaten to expose the program. These complications are efficiently addressed through the very technological breakthroughs the government can't risk having exposed, assuring such volatile knowledge remains secretly and securely hidden Under Lock and Key.

Immerse yourself in the Under Lock and Key story. Your world will never be the same again.