Inviting Trouble - kindle book by Nancey Cummings

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What happens to girl detectives when they grow up? Can it ever be happily ever after for girls who crave puzzles and secrets? What happens when you add a hefty dose of noir to erotica?

Trixie and Hazel were best friends growing up and fancied themselves detectives. Grown up and married, they drifted away. Trixie took the homemaker route and Hazel drifted into a darker world of drugs and trouble.

Newly divorced, Trixie returns to her hometown for Hazel's funeral. Needing a distraction, Trixie works with the criminally hot cop, Vincent, to close of the case of Hazel's murder.Trixie has a list of suspects and will give them all a very thorough interrogation. How far will she go to close the case? Trixie is the kind of girl who goes all the way.