I started as an actor comedian in Los Angeles back in 1998.I knew the odds were against me in making it in this very hard proffession. I always kept positive over the years and never took NO or rejection seriously. When I started doing Stand Up comedy, Jay Leno inspired me to always keep going and follow my dreams. I listened to him because my chin looked like his.Well ok...bit smaller.

I then had many different situations in my life that made me write my book.I started working on National Commercials with Ellen DeGeneres and other celebrities.One of the best times in my life is when I worked with Clint Eastwood and Christopher Walken on the "Jersey Boys" film.

Here I am being directed by Clint and standing next to him after seeing him for 50 yrs on TV and Film.He “Made my day” as most people know that famous phrase. Christopher Walken was also there,40 yrs later I am in scenes with him.

I did not expect this,but again kept positive that things would work out for me..and they did.I also was inspired to write my boook by International Motivational speaker Joel Bauer. He said “everyone has a book in them”And they do, I did. I then found out two weeks ago Oct 20th my book got accepted in Barnes and Noble.

Yes...dreams do come true.

That is what my book “Whats a little wind?” is all about.We are what we think, and our life is always better...than we think also.