Just Over the Horizon - kindle ebook by Susan Rush


      Is it possible for a traveling hospice nurse to find romance in a small southern town? After all, she is only passing through and needs to focus on her job. A job that requires compassion and dedication. She can't afford to have any distractions. But when two vastly differing men compete for her attention, distraction is exactly what she gets. Nate, the adopted son of one of Sarah's patients, is a true Southerner with a sarcastic wit and genuine warmth. On the other hand, Dr. Joseph Thornton is a caring oncologist who is known as the best catch in the state.
     It's a good thing Sarah's eccentric grandmother left her a mysterious box. Nana's gift provides the guidance and comfort Sarah desperately needs as she faces heart-wrenching trials. Even though her childhood faith is splintered, she holds on to Nana's godly legacy. But when an odd stranger appears with devastating news, can Sarah's cherished box continue to provide answers or will she realize her life has been based on nothing but lies?