Last Step - A multicultural mystery by Gwyneth Williams

Meet the intrepid Sara, a professional woman who somehow comes to be involved in murder in Paris only to have it follow her back to Montreal. Are we involved in a follow-up to an earlier horror story or do these events belong only to contemporary society? Why does her eclectic mix of acquaintances and interests intrigue the police of these two nations so much? What is it about their mother that, when called upon, her daughters are so willing to bend the rules? Can friends be trusted? Beyond just the mystery/police procedural, Sara raises many issues about our recent and not so recent history. Fun, gripping, tight, an intercontinental intrigue that will have you laughing, sighing, and surprised by the end of it. Devotees of the Oxford English Dictionary will appreciate the marvelous descriptors.
“… my husband … sergeant, sits in the armchair with his eyes closed and his head lolling. I never assume he’s been stabbed. I assume he’s having a snooze before supper.” “Was wasting money worse or better than murder, Sara wondered, but decided to keep her question to herself”.  “She went on to read that, while several other avenues were being explored, the Paris police were concentrating their efforts on the victim's trip to Montreal.”
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