Lady of the Helm - epic fantasy kindle ebook by T.O.Munro

The eponymous heroine Niarmit, a former priestess and princess, but now outlaw and assassin must rise above ingratitude and betrayal to free her people from a thousand year old shadow in this the opening volume of the Bloodline Trilogy.
A three book fantasy epic with

  • more words than "Lord of the Rings"
  • fewer authors than "Wheel of Time"
  • more completeness than "A Song of Fire and Ice"
  • more leading female characters than "The long, the short and the tall."
  • more twists and turns than a game of snakes and ladders.
  • more medusa than any of them!

What readers said

"The story moves at an enjoyable pace and the swapping of point of view is both enjoyable and helps to keep the pace of the book interesting"
"The inventiveness of the Helm was a pleasant surprise. (no spoilers here) I was expecting the possible cliche' magical device but that was not the case."
"There are great characters at every turn –, some do stick around more than others. Without competition though, Dema the Medusa was a personal favourite  – sheer-evil one moment, hints of compassion the next"
"The story lines twist and turn and always kept me guessing."