The Lord Son's Travels - kindle ebook by Emma Mickley

Adrien Lord Son had always intended to live an inconspicuous life in the military, far away from the glamours and intrigues of the royal court.  He was only the second son of the Lord King, just fourth in line of succession, and so he had always happily believed he would be able to live out his life in pleasant obscurity.  But news came to their kingdom of great troubles in neighboring lands: towns and villages leveled by mysterious new weapons wielded by the legendary monsters of ancient times.  When the whispers began that the fearsome invaders would soon reach their borders, and his rigid father refused to take any steps to protect their home, Adrien knew he would have to act on his own.

Elenna Davidson had only intended to grab a quick cup of to-go coffee and arrive at her 8 am class on time for once.  But something inexplicable happened, and instead she found herself laying on the ground in the middle of a field, wondering why the stars and moon above their heads were different than the ones she had always known.  Adrien and Brendan, the two men that found her and took her into their protection were kind and thoughtful, and obviously on the run from something or someone dangerous.

Soon the vast scope of the dangers are discovered - all of the kingdoms of the Eastlands were under attack by the dreaded Lord of the Southlands.  While Adrien believes he is facing a battle between bearers of magical weapons, Elenna knows that her new friends are facing down forces using far more advanced technologies than possessed by the simple people of the Eastlands.  Elenna offers her understanding of the strange weapons in exchange for Adrien's help in returning her to her lost home.  They and all of the fascinating new companions they encounter during their journeys must combine all of their unique talents and knowledge to win the coming war and save their kingdom.  The only way to guarantee success is a quest no one had ever survived, to retrieve the one object promised by the legends to bring victory against their foes.