Not Another Vampire Story by Sakurapu

Sylvia had enough on her mind. Eighth grade. Avoiding Dad. Becoming a budding young lady. Dodging Matt's clumsy advances. And now?

Now her perfect older sister Julia was dating a new guy--a heartthrob of a guy--with a cool car, perfect hair, a charming look in his eyes, and an inviting smile. Compared to Julia, Sylvia was a messy little ball of junior high nonsense and wardrobe malfunctions going off at the worst moments. The new school year was off to a rough ride.

And about that drop-dead, perfectly yummy boyfriend of Julia's, Terry, and that smile he was wearing...he had secrets. Sylvia could sense it.

Terry was too perfect. In fact, he was otherworldly perfect. A little prowling around proved it. Terry had secrets, Sylvia discovered, that went back a long, long time.

Sylvia knew Julia was in deep trouble. Worse yet, Julia didn't seem to mind.

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