My Beauty For Your Ashes - kindle ebook by Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Read the book that started it all for Paige, Mason, Victoria and Brandon.

‘My Beauty For Your Ashes’ introduces you to Elder Paige Morganson as she comes face to face with her past; Mason Jenson, who finds the life he built for his family falling down around him; Victoria Branchett, who will stop at nothing to control her destiny and Brandon Tatum, a man of God who is yet to fight his greatest battle – the one with himself.

The story pulls you in right away, gripping you with the very depth of emotion these characters are going through, but don’t fret; the light-hearted banter helps to relieve some of the tension. Love, anger, betrayal and loss are some of the emotions interwoven throughout this book that shows God’s grace, mercy and redemptive love covers, heals and can bring beauty from our ashes.

Author’s note: I found a gift of wisdom in each chapter as I wrote, some came from laughter and others from intense interaction. I hope you can receive a few of these nuggets for yourself. Enjoy.

‘My Oil of Joy For Your Mourning’, the 2nd book in the Promises to Zion series, will be released November 25th.