Princes Gate - kindle ebook by Mark Ellis

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A gripping and compelling story of violent death and betrayal set in World War 2 London. It is early 1940. The continent of Europe is in flames but Hitler has not yet had a chance to turn his attentions directly to the island of Britain. All is relatively calm in London in this early period of hostilities known as 'The Phoney War'.
Senior Scotland Yard detective Frank Merlin, half English, half Spanish, and his team investigate several mysterious deaths. Employees of the American Ambassador, the founder of a great American dynasty, Joseph P. Kennedy, are amongst the dead. Kennedy is one of many influential figures in Britain who favour appeasement of Hitler and a negotiated peace settlement with Germany. Against a background of diplomatic intrigue and duplicity, Merlin's enquiries cause alarm at the Embassy and in the Government, and lead him down into the darkest depths of London wartime life.

Princes Gate has featured several times in the Kindle Crime Fiction Top 100 Bestsellers List and in the Equivalent UK and Irish Lists. The book has been extensively reviewed in the media and on Amazon, Goodreads and many other leading book sites with numerous 5 and 4 star reviews. It has an average 4.3* rating on

Princes Gate is the first in a series. The second Frank Merlin novel, Stalin's Gold, was published in 2014 and is available on Amazon.

Praise for Princes Gate and Frank Merlin-
'Frank Merlin is a lovely creation and totally convincing...I lost myself totally in this thriller; this was a superb entertainment' Eurocrime
'Princes Gate is a novel that makes you want to read-you can't ask more from a book' Milo's Rambles
' of the most attractive characters to emerge in recent detective-thriller fiction. As an historian I can attest to Ellis's impressive accuracy in his fine descriptions' Bestselling historian Andrew Roberts

Some reader comments on Princes Gate(Amazon/Goodreads)-
'This book has it all...brilliant novel...atmospheric...beautifully written...plot twists and surprises on every page...very good read...full of intrigue, suspense and edge of seat reading'