The Blood Vivicanti Part 1 - kindle ebook by Becket

Created by New York Times bestselling author Anne Rice and Becket, The Blood Vivicanti is a tale of a new breed of blood drinkers, whose heroine, Mary Paige, is a seventeen-year-old genius. Her photographic memory has made her smarter than anyone else, and more lonely too. Her parents do not under stand her, her peers reject her, yet her life changes during her senior year when Mary Paige changes schools, which completely changes her life. Though she now attends a special academy of the arts in a quiet mountain village, she also finds herself in the secret hiding place of the Blood Vivicanti, a race of beings unlike any other in the world. When her life is threatened by a powerful ghost and his army of Sleeper Devils, Mary Paige is saved only when a scientist named Wyn, using the blood of the Red Man, changes her into a Blood Vivicanti. Now strengthened with the desire to drink blood, and filled with the ability to gain new skills with the gift of Blood Memories, Mary Paige’s photographic memory will make her one of the most dangerous creatures in history. As she drinks blood and grows in knowledge and ability, she finds herself in a universe far larger than she could have ever imagined.